Blood Bank

The Blood Bank program was given to me as a student. It posed a simple problem: the blood vans have to get blood from the donors to the bloodbanks, the only catch is that the blood vans do not know how many blood vans there are or where the bloodbanks or the donors are located. Thus the problem was essentially a basic seek-and-retrieve simulation.

The program was created for us, with all of the visuals and the user interface already completed. The only thing we had to do was creat an AI to solve the problem.

Blood Bank 1Blood Bank 2Blood Bank 3

The AI was written in Java and had to be adapted every week to take on a different task. Originally there was only one van but as the weeks went on there were 2 or 4 or 10. The size of the map and where the targets were located also changed every week making things difficult, but what really made AI creation fun was that my AI competed against everyone else's AI every week.

Blood Bank 4Blood Bank 5Blood Bank 6

Working on the Blood Bank problem was a lot of fun, coming up with and implementing unique AI strategies every week was very challenging and exciting. The fact that every students' AI competed with each other each week created the best environment for high quality work I've encountered.