Map Validator 1.6

Map Validator (MV) is a stand-alone program that validates maps for the video game Sins of a Solar Empire. I created it for my own personal use but released it to the public on the 6th of August 2012.

validation window

MV's main purpose is to analyse a galaxy file and correct any errors or inconsistencies found. MV can open a galaxy file created by any version of Sins of a Solar Empire, validate it and it will be able to be opened in the latest version of Sins of a Solar Empire (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion).

file browserpreferences

The secondary function of the MV program is the ability to convert galaxy files. The game has an in built map creater called Map Developer, which creates a galaxy file randomly using user-definied limits. MV can convert these Map Developer galaxy files into galaxy file able to be opened in the GalaxyForge editor.

validation window

Working on the Map Validator program was a programming great experience. It was the first time I had released a 3rd party program to the public. The outcome was quite positive with a lot more community support than I had anticipated.